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The following are currently active board members. For more information, please inquire!

  • Roger Hill - President

  • John Kle

  • Leslie Kle

  • Connie Pinilla

  • Doug Barnaby

  • Ever Padilla

  • Jeanne Egan

  • Julia Salat

  • Larry Benedetti

  • Leslie McCarthy

  • Linda Ballance

  • Meredith Brosnan

  • Dennis Brosnan

  • Roger Hill

  • Chris Salmon

  • Vinny Labbate

About Kiwanis

Our Club was founded on December 31, 1968, and has grown to become one of the most active community service organizations on the North Shore. We currently have about 60 members who represent a cross section of the community. The Kiwanis Club of North Shore is one of 11 clubs that comprise the Long Island North Division of Kiwanis, a part of the NY Kiwanis District, which is made up of over 300 clubs in NY State. Worldwide membership in Kiwanis International is in excess of 320,000 in over 80 countries.

The Club is governed by a Board of Directors serving 3 year terms, and elected officers serving one year terms, beginning each October 1. We are subject to by-laws as set forth by Kiwanis International, as well as those set by the Club. The Board makes all decisions regarding Club policy and procedures, and is the body that decides all projects, expenditures, community service and youth sponsorship.

The Board of Directors meets once a month. All members are welcome to attend and participate at Board meetings. Discussion on items is open to all members attending. However, voting is limited to Officers and Board members.


North Shore Kiwanis Board

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