How to Help

North Shore Kiwanis helps children in need! There are different ways to help. By donating to this non-profit, you are helping boost your community by providing the means to our organization. By joining, you are going above and beyond to help those around you and raise awareness! 

Internationally Recognized

Have you seen the Kiwanis logo before? From city streets to schools, this logo is internationally recognized, showing how so many come together to help others. 


Being a Kiwanian is rewarding - not only do you help those in need, but you will have fun at events such as the Sea Cliff Mini Mart, Annual Bike Ride for Charity and Glen Cove Dog Show. 

Members also can share these goods deeds of work on his or her resume, get special member discounts/benefits and network monthly with an amazing group of neighbors and classmates! 

northshore key club bell ringing_2022.jpg

Annual Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army!

It was an amazing day on November 26 th when the North Shore Key

Club began their annual bell ringing for the Salvation Army at Shop &
Shop Store in Glen Cove. This is an annual event that has continued
for more than 20 years raising funds totaling $60,000. Pictured are
the two key club teams at the traditional kettle having fun and
making a difference for families in need.